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After the Storm Group

A healing space for women in the aftermath of a challenging

long-term relationship or marriage

Therapeutic Healing Space

This group provides a safe space for women who are transitioning out of a long-term relationship that was unfulfilling, limiting, or wounding. It can be daunting to recover, and move on, from a relationship where parts of you were unseen, unheard, and unsafe. In this group we will practice honoring the pain as a way of releasing its hold on us. We will process the difficult relational dynamics we experienced and explore the limiting narratives we have believed about ourselves. We will practice finding and using our voices in a supportive setting with other women who can relate and offer encouragement. Together we will help each other reclaim who we are and empower each other to boldly build the lives we want.

This group is for anyone who identifies as female and will be safe and inclusive for everyone regardless of any identities held. Though most women who join had a long-term marriage, you are welcome whether your long-term relationship was a marriage, cohabitation, non-monogamous, or any other relational dynamic, whether you have children or not, and whether your relationship ended with friendship or long court battles.

The current group is full, and no new members will be

accepted at this time. There will be another section of the group offered in August 2024

Image by Nick Scheerbart
Image by Jesse Gardner
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