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Office Location
& Contact Information

The Highland Building

675 Seminole Ave, NE

Suite T-05

Atlanta, GA 30307

Image by Zach Reiner

How long are sessions and what do they cost? 

Standard individual therapy sessions are 50 minutes and cost $200. Parent coaching, co-parent counseling, and family therapy sessions are $225 for a 50 minute session. Group therapy sessions are 90-120 minutes and are $50-75. There are a limited number of sliding scale spots available for those who hold marginalized identities. 

Do you take insurance? 

The practice does not take any insurance. While accepting insurance can make therapy more accessible for many, it also comes with several problematic complications. Insurance companies require a diagnosis and often documentation that can be needlessly pathologizing and limit access to other benefits as it becomes part of their record. Insurance companies also dictate the amount and types of sessions they will cover and coverage changes with each year and employment change. I believe you deserve comprehensive and integrated mental health care that is not dictated by outside forces. I will provide you with a "superbill" you can use if you have out of network benefits and wish to file for reimbursement. ​

Who do you not work with? 

Because I want everyone to get tailored and expert care, I know I am not the best therapist for everyone. I am currently only accepting clients 18+. I am not the right therapist for you if you have active disordered eating, substance abuse, acute mental illness, or need frequent contact outside of sessions. As I work with many survivors of various abuses, I do not work with those who have been charged with violent crimes. My office does not allow any weapons of any kind on the premises.

How do I get started?

If you would like to talk about the possibility of our working together, please email me at


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