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"To heal you have to get to the root of the wound and kiss it all the way up."
~Rupi Kaur

Individual Therapy for 18+

Jessi provides therapy for individuals 18 and older looking for support with skillfully managing life demands and transitions, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, complex trauma, and identity development. She has expertise in supporting those navigating the complexity of divorce, acute and chronic health conditions, and is polyamory and kink informed.

Parent Coaching

Jessi brings her many years of experience as a Registered Play Therapist & Supervisor, school-based therapist, and parent to support parents and caregivers in developing and supporting the parenting vision and practices that will allow their children and families to thrive. Jessi believes that supported parents who develop more compassion, knowledge of child development, and their own inner child healing become more attuned and skillful parents.

Co-Parent Coaching

Parenting is tremendously challenging, and striving to do it well with a former partner is even more nuanced and complicated. Jessi draws on her nearly 20 years of providing adult, child, and family therapy and knowledge of the trials of divorce to help co-parents work together in developing the practices that will best support the children impacted by sharing their lives with adults who live apart.   

Therapy Groups for Women

After the Storm provides a safe space for women who are recently divorced or transitioning out of a long-term relationship that was unfulfilling, limiting, or wounding. This group is part therapy group and part healing collective and is powerfully supportive. There will be openings beginning February 2024. Please contact Jessi at to inquire about joining the Thursday evening or Monday morning group. 

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